So, I guest blogged.

Okay, confession time; the first blog on my site is actually to tell you about a blog I did on another site… makes sense. Its kind of like blog-ception. So…

P&K asked me to write a guest blog for their site to tie in with the release anniversary of kINKED, an anthology of steamy (and fucking amazing) stories, one of which is written by yours truly. The story I wrote for kINKED lead to another three, all of which are set in the same world. P&K picked up my stories and here we are…

So, to tie the whole adventure together, I decided to write about my definition of romance which… well, I’ll let you read it for yourself. No spoilers. Head over to P&K to check it out!

Whilst you’re there, why don’t you read my five quirky facts about my upcoming series INKomplete.

And, since you’re over there anyway, why don’t you read a sample of INKarnate, the first story in INKomplete.

See, it’s just my first blog and I’m already treating you like my bff… think of the good times we have ahead. We might even braid each other’s hair. But for now, here’s a pic of my cat. You like cats, right? Course you do. You wouldn’t be my bff if you didn’t.



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