Demons, Dragons & Djinns (oh my!)

It’s out!

fire 1Demons, Dragons & Djinns  is finally out in the world for everyone to read! And check out that absolutely beautiful cover! I am beyond excited to have my work sitting alongside some short story corkers (can you tell? Look at that cheesy mug…)

I’m never not (double negative…#sorrynotsorry) excited to see who snuggles up next to my stories beneath the (book) covers because I haven’t yet been let down. Every single one of them has told me a tale that hooks me from the very first sentence and I keep turning until I run out of pages. You should check out the authors listed in this bad boy, it’s just… ah, bellissimo  *kisses fingers.*

All anthologies are super exciting, but this one is special to me for a particular reason: it’s the first time I went through the writing process and then the subsequent submissions process feeling almost like a “real” writer. Don’t get me wrong, that burning “you’re an imposter!”  feeling still bubbles away in my tummy every time I sit at the laptop, but I made myself approach this story as if I was a “real” writer. I made myself think like a “real” writer. I told myself over and over that nobody had been accepted for this anthology yet…

We were all in the same boat together!

It made a huge difference.

It deadened the fear just enough that I could really focus. Instead of just bashing at the keys until a story forms as I usually do (and I literally do that…  I just start somewhere and then work backwards and forwards until a story emerges), I took fifteen minutes out to really plan what the point of my story was. Why was I telling it? Why would someone want to read it? What would make it different to all the other fiery stories in that formidable slush pile?

Here is the result:

planning        It’s a pretty shit plan when you read it, and it makes no sense to anybody else but me, but it made enough difference to my focus that I managed to write a 7k word story in two days. I took a third to polish it.

Now, I’ve always been a fast writer (mostly nonsense that I end up deleting anyway) but I’ve never been able to finish and polish a short story in just over a weekend. A week maybe, never a weekend…

So, what’s the point of this blog?

Firstly… to flog you this amazing anthology. Honestly, if you haven’t bought it already, get on it. It’s what all the cool kids are doing (no joke, they really are). The amazing Rhonda Parrish sold every single copy she took to WWC con. Every. Single. Copy. I told you, the cool kids know…

Secondly, all writers work differently. That’s a fact. There is no right or wrong way. We do it however the fuck we want. I just wanted to share how changing my approach in this small way made all the difference to me; I now plan every single story.

Mara xx


FIREBuy it now on:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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