The Cocky Cockers!

I’m new to this blogging thing. I have exactly one blog post to my name and I sent that out to the webisphere back in March (where I imagine it landed with the noise of a wet fart since it had exactly one view and that probably came from the boyf). As with all of the things I pick up and promptly put down again (knitting, drawing, baking, yoga, Pilates, squash… I’ve done them all), I fully intended to write something at least once every fortnight.

The blog kind of went by the wayside; I’ve had no huge news to share, I’ve been trudging through all the edits for my upcoming INKomplete series, and I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time on holiday. In the last twelve weeks I’ve been to Mexico, London, the Lake District, Bruges and that’s not even counting the day trips… I’m one lucky (and very skint) lady!

But now I have something very exciting to share. One of my stories will be appearing in Jackie Barbosa’s The Cocky Cockers anthology.

Cocky Cockers I’m really quite excited about this. When she who must not be named (she won’t be getting publicity from me!) tried to trademark the word “cocky,” she not only ruined her own career with her underhandedness and subsequent behaviour, but she also managed to unite the romance writing community—hell, the entire writing community—against her. #cockygate was born and it’s exposed a whole load of other attempted (and equally underhanded) trademarks. These people aren’t playing fair and nobody is going to tolerate it.

In rebellion, a hundred “Cocky” stories started to hit Amazon. I liked the feistiness of it so when Jackie put out a call for her own anthology, I knew I wanted to get involved. This was the kind of protest I could get behind. RWA was tackling the legal side and the Cocky writers were going to tackle the ethical side.

If she who must not be named wanted to threaten one of us, she was going to have to threaten all of us.  And as a bonus, the proceeds from this anthology “will first be used to defray any legal costs associated with its publication, and secondarily donated to the Romance Writers of America’s Benevolence Fund.”

Not only is it fighting back, but it’s supporting the cause too.

Buy on Amazon UK     Buy On Amazon US

Contributing Authors:
Shiloh Walker https://www.shilohwalker.com/website/
Sela Carsen http://selacarsen.com/
Tom Eden http://www.tomeden.com/
Ann Gaston https://annegaston.com/
Missy Jane https://authormissyjane.wordpress.com/
Sadie Jay
Taryn Kincaid https://tarynkincaid.com/
Lucy Kinsley and Tara Song
Rachael Kerr
Mia Koutras http://www.facebook.com/mia.koutras
L. J. LaBarthe http://www.ljlabarthe.com/
Elise Logan
Carrie Lomax https://carrielomax.com/
Mara Malins https://maramalins.com/
Siobhan Muir https://www.siobhanmuir.com/
Marie Piper http://www.mariepiper.com/
Joanne Renaud http://joannerenaud.com/
Dominique Rothford http://dominiquerothford.com/
Selene Grace Silver http://selenegracesilver.com/
Naomi Tajedler
Emily Veinglory https://www.facebook.com/veinglory/
Jules Voigt
Jody Wallace http://jodywallace.com/
Mary Winter https://marywinter.com/
Julia Wolf http://juliawolfwrites.com/

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